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Information for authors

All material, including quotations and notes, must be typed and double spaced, A-4 sheet, calibri or times new roman 12. Without images.
Footnotes in calibri or times new roman 11. Bibliographic references at the end of the text.In quotations, spelling, capitalization, and formatting should adhere to the original.

Citations had to include:
Author, title of work in italics, publisher, city of publication, date.
Nussbaum Martha: The new religious intolerance: overcoming the politics of fear in an anxious age. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press (Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2012).
François Laruelle: Philosophies of difference. A critical introduction to non-philosophy (Continuum, New York, 2010), 104.

The text should be between three and eight thousand words. If it comes to reviews, the text should be east at one thousand words. It is neccesary to include an abstract at the beginning, in spanish and english, no more than two hundred words, and no more six key words.

Manuscripts must be prepared for double-blind refereeing, with any and all revealing references to the author removed, including personal acknowledgments. It is neccesary too a brief curriculum of the autor, no more than ten lines, in other file. The manuscripts should not be published before and the copyrigt of them belongs to the author. Once published, the author freely dispose of those manuscripts. After the corresponding evaluations acceptance, modification or rejection in writing within no more than thirty days will be reported.

Konvergencias, Philosophy and Cultures in Dialog, does not necessarily adhere to the concepts presented in each article. There is no fee to submit any article, and there is no fee to be published it, because the magazine has free web access.